tom de pékin

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Tom de Pékin is actually not really from Pékin but from Savoie – French Alps – and lives in Paris. Militant artist, graphist, film director, performer, he is interested in the text and image relationship often in an erotico-playful spirit. He has been working for magazines such as Têtu, 360°, Les Lettres Françaises, Nova, but also for the Sneg organization, Amnesty International, Aides and Canal +. Tom de Pékin is the author and director of many short films and videos clips displayed in international festivals.

In March 2009, Septembre Editions published an important monography offering a retrospective of his work (2000-2008), to which was added a presentation of different processes used in the construction of his queer alter-propapaganda. The publication in 2011 of "Haldernablou", an early text by Alfred Jarry illustrated by a fascinating serie of darker drawings was for Tom de Pékin a turning point, offering numerous exhibition opportunities. In 2013 Tom de Pékin was commissioned to create the controversed poster of the new Alain Guiraudie movie, "Stranger by the Lake".

photo credit : renaud monfourny

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