eldo yoshimizu

gamma draconis

manga / french text 
story by benoist simmat
size : 28 x 18 cm

hard cover book, square binding
256 b/w pages
éditions le lézard noir - 2020



Eldo Yoshimizu was born in 1965 in Tokyo. Having specialized in sculpture while studying at the University of Arts in Tokyo, he has installed numerous works in public space - some of them are among the most significant sculptures in Japan. Exhibitions in Japan as well as throughout Asia and in New York prove his international success and led him in 1994 to a scholarship as "Artist in Residence" in New York. In 2003 he realized the work "First Light" for the art and exhibition space of the Louis Vuitton branch in Omotesando. With the feeling of having satisfied his hunger in the field of contemporary fine art, he turned to Gekigaand began to focus on the interplay of object and space in the art of storytelling.

photo crédit : yukitaka amemiya

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