véronique dorey

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Véronique Dorey was born in 1963 in Le Mans (France). She Lives and works in Paris. Primarly known as a comic book colorist - including the “Roi des Mouches” trilogy for french cartoonists Mezzo & Pirus - Veronique Dorey has been hiding hallucinating graphic treasures in portfolios for years. For the special occasion of a first exhibition at Arts Factory in May 2005, her amazing acrylic paintings on paper were eventually taken out of her studio, revealing an outstanding work of precision.

Drawing the bases of her singular work from the nostalgia of her childhood toys, Veronique Dorey firstly imagined fake games packagings introducing specially gifted babies running after crocodiles, cats and other pets. These first characters were quickly joined by drivers of vehicles of all kinds, soon followed by the slightly neurotic couples from the series “A Time For Love”; a set of paintings in which Véronique subverts clichés of the american way of life.

Somewhere between Chris Ware, the Low Brow painters from the California scene and the golden days of advertising illustration, the deliciously outdated aspect of her compositions is complemented by a set of old-fashioned typography, entirely handmade and used to underline the sketches of her technicolor theater.

photo credits : michel pirus

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