yoshikazu ebisu

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Yoshikazu Ebisu was born in 1947 in Nagasaki, Japan. From his young age Ebisu dreamed of becoming an artist, but he felt he had few opportunities in his home town and moved as soon as he could to Tokyo. Though he struggled to survive during his first years in Tokyo, he was eventually discovered by "Garo" magazine in 1973. His debut comic "Pachinko" was extremely popular, and his career as an artist had truly begun. Through the 80’s and 90’s Ebisu continued to work with many of Japan’s great cartoonists and manga artists. He also became a television personality working as an actor and movie director.

Even today, Ebisu continues to expand as an artist by writing a collection of essays about his life experiences. At first glance, Ebisu looks like nothing more than a simple man, but in truth he is a “savant idiot”. 

photo credit : d.r.

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