caroline sury

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Caroline Sury is a french graphic artist, illustrator and comics creator born in 1964 in Laval.  She lives and works in Marseille. Co-founder in 1993 - with her former partner Pakito Bolino - of the underground publisher Le Dernier Cri, they have produced together wildly beautiful silk-screened publications (books, posters, the graphic anthology Hopital Brut …) and hard-core animated films, filled with artwork by various known and unknown art brut/visionary artists.

Caroline studied fine arts in Bordeaux. In the early nineties, she made several silk-screened portfolios before working on “Frida Gastro”. With this account of Caroline's gastrointestinal infection in all its horrific detail, she began exploring the autobiographical genre. She appeared in underground publications such as Lapin, Stronx, Strapazin, La Monstrueuse and Scrap. She took part in the “Comix 2000” project for the independent publisher L’association, who latter published her two graphic novels "Bébé 2000" (2006)  and "Cou tordu” (2010).  Caroline is also famous for her amazing paper cuttings, this new direction inspired by traditional technics is regularly presented in art galleries. 

photo credit : renaud monfourny

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