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Born 2005 as an art collective, the idea of the 9 founding members was to create an imaginary artist named “Jeanspezial”. Combining their various talents, the resulting persona was able to move seamlessly between drawing, sculpture, graffiti and etching at a furious rate, allowing each work to be signed with the same name. Equally inspired by renaissance masters and current pop culture, Jeanspezial describes their work as a mix of Jérôme Boch meeting Spongebob, shaking hands with Matt Groening and drinking tea with Picasso and Mona Lisa.

Meanwhile the crew members have gradually slipping out of their common identity and developed individual skills. However, they still meet and paint together as much as they can, continuously mixing moods, friendship and skills.

maud + sebastien + mathieu + nicolas
+ joris + gregory + michael + matthieu = jeanspezial

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