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Moolinex is a complex and polymorphic artist whose talent remains unrecognized outside a small circle of initiates. Cheerfully picking up from comic books and popular cinema, outsider art, rock imagery or more conceptual references, Moolinex tirelessly drafts, then rectifies his singular world where collages, cut-outs, paintings, drawings, assemblages and tapestry work are serving a detached and ironic iconography. His work has been published by Le Dernier Cri through the famous series “Art Pute Carnets” (literally “Art, Whore, Notebooks”), United Dead Artist, Les Requins Marteaux and the Ferraille magazine of which he was one of the founders.

His unlikely hanging installations, recalling ex-voto walls, have been exhibited in Paris by Le Regard Moderne bookstore, the Arts Factory Gallery, or le Point FMR. and in other parts of France by La Mauvaise Réputation (Bordeaux), the International Museum of Modest Arts (Sète) and le Confort Moderne (Poitiers). Since several years he regularly mixes his production with Belgium artist Aurélie William Levaux, pursuing together their iconoclastic and unique body of work.

photo crédit : renaud monfourny

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